Ancient Greek Coins of Macedonia – A guide to Collecting Them

Ancient coins of MACEDONIA Greece from the Greek & Roman Times Collection and Guide

Learn about the types of ancient Greek coins from before Alexander the Great to the Roman control of the region

This video is designed for the people that may be interested in collecting ancient Greek and Roman coins from Macedonia, either as a Kingdom, Region or Province. Explored in this article and video above is a selection of various cities and kings from Macedonia that I have in my collection available for sale in my eBay online coin shop. My goal is to cut years off the learning curve in collecting ancient coins by making informative videos, and when people learn about the wonder, I can help them get the coins they want, being a win win for everyone. Please share this article, thumb up the video when you watch it as it will help others find it, as the artificial intelligence of search engines picks those things up. Enjoy!

Macedonia or Macedon was an ancient kingdom on the northern periphery of Classical Greece and later the dominant state of Hellenistic Greece. It was ruled during most of its existence initially by the legendary founding dynasty of the Argeads, the intermittent Antipatrids and finally the Antigonids. Home to the Macedonians, the earliest kingdom was centered on the northeastern part of the Greek peninsula, bordered by Epirus to the west, Paeonia to the north, the region of Thrace to the east and Thessaly to the south. Read more here: 

The Roman province of Macedonia was officially established in 146 BC, after the Roman general Quintus Caecilius Metellus defeated Andriscus of Macedon, the last self-styled King of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia in 148 BC, and after the four client republics (the „tetrarchy“) established by Rome in the region were dissolved. The province incorporated ancient Macedonia, with the addition of Epirus, Thessaly, and parts of Illyria, Paeonia and Thrace. This created a much larger administrative area, to which the name of ‚Macedonia‘ was still applied. The Dardanians, to the north of the Paeonians, were not included, because they had supported the Romans in their conquest of Macedonia. Read more here:

The Ancient Coins from Macedonia

ALEXANDER I, First King of Macedonia 495BC Ancient Silver Greek Coin Rare i36780

The Macedonian Kindom
Alexander I – King: 495-454 B.C.
Silver Light Tetrobol 14mm (1.51 grams)
Reference: Sear 1484; B.M.C.5.,p.160,10
Horse pacing right; A on exergual line beneath.
Crested helmet right in linear square within shallow incuse.King of Aigai, Alexander enlarge dhis kingdom after the retreat of the Persians in 479 B.C., and was the first of the Macedonian rulers to place his name on coinage.

ALEXANDER III the GREAT Pella Antigonos II Tetradrachm Silver Greek Coin i46302

Greek Coin of
Macedonian Kingdom
Alexander III the Great - King of Macedonia: 336-323 B.C.
Struck under Antigonos II Gonatas: Macedonian King: 277-239 B.C.
Silver Tetradrachm 27mm (16.80 grams) Pella mint, circa: 275-271 B.C.
Reference: Price 621; Müller 230; SNG Copenhagen 713; Mathisen, Administrative VI.6, dies A19/P44
Head of Alexander the Great as Hercules right, wearing the lion-skin headdress.
ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ AΛEΞANΔΡOY, Zeus Aetophoros seated left, holding eagle and scepter; Macedonian helmetin field to left; OK monogram below throne.

AKANTHOS in MACEDONIA 480BC Lion Authentic Ancient Silver Greek Coin i46281

Greek city of Akanthos in Macedonia
Silver Tetrobol 15mm (2.11 grams) Struck circa 480-470 B.C.
Reference: SNG ANS 18-21
Forepart of lioness right, seen from above; acanthus above.
Quadripartite incuse square.

OLYNTHOS in MACEDONIA for CHALKIDIAN LEAGUE 432BC Apollo Lyre Greek Coin i49241

Greek city of Olynthos in Macedonia
Chalkidian League
Bronze 15mm (3.51 grams) Struck circa 432-348 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1433; B.M.C. 5.31; Cf. Robinson-Clement Group M; SNG ANS 552
Laureate head of Apollo right.

PERDIKKAS III brother of PHilip Kingdom of Macedonia 365BC Greek Coin i49479

Greek coin of the Kingdom of Macedonia
Perdikkas III – King: 365-359 B.C.
Bronze 18mm (3.34 grams)
Reference: Sear 1515; B.M.C. 5.2,3
Head of young Hercules right wearing lion-skin headdress.
ΠΕΡΔΙΚ / KA above and below lion standing right, holding broken spear in his jaws.

Amphipolis in Macedonia 410BC Apollo Torch Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i49256

Greek city of Amphipolis in Macedonia
Bronze 20mm (8.18 grams) Struck 168-149 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1390 var.; SNG ANS 87 var.
Laureate head of Apollo left.
ΑΜ / ΦΙ above and below race-torch; all within linear square.

Eion in Macedonia 475BC Goose & Lizard RARE Ancient Silver Greek Coin i26077

Greek city of Eion in Macedonia
Silver Diobol 13mm (0.92 grams) circa 475-450 B.C.
Reference: SNG ANS 284; SNG Lockett 1320
Goose standing right looking back, lizard above, H behind.
Quadripartite incuse.

Alexander III the Great Bucephalus Ancient Greek MACEDONIA KOINON Coin i30608

Alexander III, the Great: Macedonian Greek King: 336-323 B.C.
Roman Era, Olympic-Style Games Issue
Bronze 25mm (12.19 grams) from the Koinon of Macedonia in Thrace under Roman Control
Struck circa 222-235 A.D. under the reign of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander
AΛЄΞANΔPOV, Head of Alexander the Great right with loose, flowing hair.
KOINON MAKЄΔONΩN NEΩ, Alexander the Great on his legendary horse, Bucephalus, galloping right with cape flowing behind him and holding spear.* Numismatic Note: Leaders like Julius Caesar and the Romans and the Greeks alike had immense respect for the great accomplishments of Alexander the Great. Macedonia, being the kingdom of Alexander the Great’s birth, this coin featuring his likeness heralds the Neocorate status of the area, along with the Olympic-style games that accompanied it. Highly-coveted type.

Akanthos in Macedonia 470BC Authentic Ancient Silver Greek Coin w Bull i36765

Greek city of Akanthos in Macedonia
Silver Tetrobol 16mm (2.36 grams) Struck circa 470-390 B.C.
Reference: SNG ANS 35
Forepart of bull kneeling left, head right, two laurel branches above.
Shallow quadripartite incuse square.

Thessalonica in Macedonia 187BC Ancient Greek Coin Athena War Magic Horse i33502

Greek city of Thessalonica in Macedonia
Bronze 18mm (4.50 grams) Struck 187-31 B.C.
Reference: SNG ANS 770
Head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet.
ΘEΣΣAΛO / NIKHΣ above and below horse prancing right.

Thessalonica in Macedonia 88BC RARE Ancient Greek Coin Centaurs Janus i40946

Greek city of Thessalonica in Macedonia
Bronze 24mm (6.59 grams) from the ancient Greek city of Thessalonica in
the Province of Macedonia 88-21 B.C. under the control of the Romans
Reference: Moushmov 6607
Laureate head of Janus
ΘEΣΣAΛONIKEΩN, Two Centaurs prancing, back to back, each holding branch.

URANOPOLIS in MACEDONIA 300BC Aphrodite as Uranus Earth Globe Greek Coin i42118

Greek city of Uranopolis in Macedon
Bronze 17mm (3.47 grams) Struck circa 300 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1475; SNG Cop. 455; SNG ANS 914;SNG Evelpidis 1363; BMC 2
Eight-rayed star, representing the sun.
OYPANIΔΩΝ ΠΟΛΕΩΣ, Aphrodite Urania seated facing on globe, holding sceptre.

AMPHIPOLIS in MACEDONIA 158BC Shield Helmet Ancient Silver Greek Coin i30137

Greek city of Amphipolis in Macedonia
Silver Tetrobol 14mm (2.48 grams) Struck 158-149 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1387 cf.; B.M.C. 5., p.9,11 cf.
Macedonian shield, at center of which MA / KE above and below club right.
Macedonian helmet left, with cheek-pieces.

PHILIP V King of Macedonia 180BC Rare Greek Coin HERO O PERSEUS Flute i21960

Greek King: Philip V - King of Macedonia: 221-179 B.C.
Bronze 18mm (4.04 grams) Uncertain Macedonian mint. Struck circa 180/79 B.C.
Reference:  Mamroth, Bronzemünzen 28; Touratsoglou, Macedonia 24; SNG München 1194
Head of hero Perseus right, wearing winged Phrygian helmet.
B A / Φ above and below harpa within oak wreath.

PHILIPPI Macedonia 357BC Hercules Tripod Bow QUALITY Ancient Greek Coin i275088

Greek city of Philippi in Macedonia
Bronze 18mm (5.80 grams) Struck 357-330 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1452 var.; B.M.C. 5.8 var.
Head of young Hercules left in lion’s skin.
Tripod; ΦIΛIΠΠΩΝ to right, bow in case to left.  

KASSANDER king of Macedonia 319BC Hercules Lion Ancient Greek Coin i49232

Greek coin of the Kingdom of Macedonia
Kassander - King: 319-297 B.C.
Bronze 15mm (2.94 grams) Struck at Pella or Amphipolis
Reference: SNG Copenhagen 1154-5; Cf. SNG Alpha Bank 937-41 (monograms).
Head of young Hercules right, clad in lion’s skin.
BAΣIΛEΩΣ KAΣΣANΔPOY, Lion walking left, broken spear in jaws; monograms below.

AMPHAXITIS Macedonia 196BC Hercules & Club RARE Ancient Greek Coin i30661

Greek city of Amphaxitis in Macedon
Bronze 21mm (6.51 grams) Struck 196-168 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1376; B.M.C. 5.1,2; AMNG III 73; SNG Copenhagen 36 var. (monograms)
Head of young Hercules right, in lion’s skin.
ΑΜΦΑ / ΞΙΩΝ abow and below club right, within oak-wreath; monogram beneath.‘Autonomous issue in the time of the Macedonian kings Philip V and Perseus. 

Macedonia 288BC Ancient Greek Coin Shield w Gorgon’s head Helmet i30222

Greek – Macedonia during the Interregnum period 288-277 B.C.
Bronze 15mm (3.82 grams) Reference: Sear 6781
Macedonian shield with Gorgon’s head at center.
Macedonian helmet dividing B – A ; in lower field to left, caduceus; to right, monogram.

TRAGILOS in MACEDONIA 400BC Hermes & Rose Ancient Greek Coin i31186

Greek city of Tragilos in Macedonia
Bronze 17mm (4.52 grams) Struck circa 400 B.C.
Reference: Sear 1472; SNG ANS 911; SNG Copenhagen 452
Head of Hermes right, wearing petasos.
TPAIΛION, Rose; crescent in field to right.

Roman Republic Caecilia 29a Conquest of Macedonia Shield Elephant Coin i45456

Roman Republic M. Caecilius Q.f. Q.n. Metellus moneyer
Silver Denarius 17mm (3.78 grams) Rome mint, circa 127 B.C.
Reference: Caecilia 29a; B.M.C. 1147; Syd. 480a; Craw. 263/1b
Head of Roma right, ROMA downward behind, star below chin.
M. METELLVS. Q . F around Macedonian shield with elephant’s head at center; all within laurel wreath.

Roman Protectorate of Macedonia 168BC Roma Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i40774

Greek city of the Roman Protectorate of Macedonia
Bronze 25mm (11.47 grams) Struck circa 168-167 B.C.
Time of Aemilius Paullus. Gaius Publilius. Quaestor, circa 168-167 B.C.
Helmeted head of Roma right.
MAKEΔONΩN / TAMIOY ΓAIOY / ΠΟΠΛΙΛIΟΥ in three lines, all within oak wreath.* Numismatic Note: Very rare, possibly unpublished coin from the Roman Macedonian protectorate with the name of the famous consul of the Roman Republic!

AUGUSTUS 27BC Edessa in Macedonia Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i33917

Augustus - Roman Emperor: 27 B.C. – 14 A.D.
Bronze 22mm (9.83 grams) of Edessa in Macedonia
Reference: Sear GIC 28; B.M.C. 5.39,16
ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ, Laureate head right.
ΕΔΕΣ / ΣΑΙΩΝ in two lines within laurel-wreath; Θ above.

Tiberius 14AD Philippi Macedonia City Foundation Scene Ancient Roman Coin i30519

Tiberius - Roman Emperor: 14-37 A.D. -
Bronze 18mm (4.18 grams) mint of Philippi in Macedonia 14-37 A.D.
Reference: RPC I 1657; BMC 89
TI AVG, Bare head of Tiberius right.
Foundation scene, two priests (pontiffs) plowing with two oxen right.

Claudius 41AD Province of Macedonia Ancient Roman Coin Macedonian shield i32126

Claudius - Roman Emperor: 41-54 A.D. -
Bronze 24mm (6.87 grams) from the Province of Macedonia 41-54 A.D.
Reference: RPC 1612; SGI 425.
TI KΛAVΔIOΣ KAIΣAP, bare head left.
ΣEBAΣTOΣ MAKEΔONΩN around the Macedonian shield.

TITUS & DOMITIAN CAESARS 77AD Stobi Macedonia Roman Coin Dionysus Temple i28335

Titus & Domitian as Caesars
Bronze 25mm (5.10 grams) of Stobi in Macedonia Struck 77-78 A.D.
Reference: RPC 311; Boric-Breskovic, Stobi, p. 29, Type 3; AMNG III –; Varbanov 3805
T CAESAR IMP DOMITIANVS CAESAR, Laureate and draped bust of Titus right vis-à-vis bare head of Domitian left.
MVNICIPI STOBENSIVM, tetra-style temple on podium with two steps; inside, Dionysus standing left; clipeus in pediment.

DOMITIAN 81AD Amphipolis Macedonia ARTEMIS Ancient Roman / Greek Coin i29397

Domitian - Roman Caesar: 69-81 A.D. Emperor: 81-96 A.D. -
Bronze 19mm (5.99 grams) of Amphipolis in Macedonia
Reference: RPC 341; SNG Cop. 100
AVTO KЄCAP ΔOMITIANOC, Laureate head right.
ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ, Artemis Tauropolos standing left, holding long torch and branch, shield at her feet.

MARCUS AURELIUS 161AD Macedonia Koinon Shield Ancient Roman Coin i48742

Marcus Aurelius - Roman Emperor: 161-180 A.D. -
Bronze 18mm (5.58 grams) of Macedonia Koinon
Reference: Varbanov 3046 var. (head laureate), Moushmov 5890 var. (same), AMNG 283 var. (same)
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
KOINON MAKEDOΔΟΝΩΝ around Macedonian shield.

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